Monday, September 13, 2010

.13 febreeze products

Tonight I decided to go to rite aid because I had some up rewards to use. I did all my shopping, left and then found a coupon for the candle and the reed I saw there on sale. The reeds and the candle were on clearance for 50% off. But, the candle  was originally $15.99 and the reeds were $10.99. I was surprised when she rang them up and they came to about $9.00. I had a coupon for the candle that was $4/1 (I think this was from the pg 8/29) and a coupon for the reed set for $2/1. My total after coupons- $1.13. I used a $1.00 up reward and only paid .13!!!


Survey Junkie said...

Hey Nicole,
Thanks for joining us for FMBT. Im now following you. Have a great week

Evelyn said...

I love Febreeze products. And you got such a DEAL!

Found you on FMBT.


Anonymous said...

I need to take you shopping with me! I need all the help I can get!

Here returning your FMBT follow & wanted to thank you for linking up with us! Much appreciated!

Art by Ruth Sagrario Macotela said...

Hi! Nicole, I'm glad you liked my place. I'm following you also.

Have a nice weekend :)

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