Giggle Junction Review/Giveaway
Name of Product: Spy Bag

Price of Product: $15

Where can the product be purchased: online at

Description of Product: Spy bag (I received the monkey spy bag which is gender neutral)

Review of the product: I had no idea what a spy bag was until giggle junction contacted me.
I must say, I fell in love with it the minute I received it. It is the cutest and well made "toy".
My daughter wanted it from the second I opened the package and two days later, she is still
 playing with it. This is a great take along "toy" that will definitely be joining us on our
 Disney trip this year!!

From their website: 
Children spend hours, playing independently, searching for
treasures inside this colorful soft toy. Parents love that spy bags
 can be used to improve vocabulary development and fine
motor skills. The multiple textures on the fabric and plastic
window of the bag offer an incredible sensory experience
 for the person holding it. The entire interactive toy is self-contained
making it a great activity for traveling, school, church, or any
quiet time.
Spy bag are also commonly used in therapy for children and
adults with special needs; such as speech and language delays,
brain injury, memory deficits, sensory issues, and so on.
                           To enter the Giveaway you must do two of the following:

Step 1: Like me on facebook- (Facebook- Nicholes own space)

tep 2: Post my button somewhere on your page where I can easily
find it.  Send me a link

Step 3: Blog about my giveway on your page, comment on my page
with the url so I can find the post.

Step 4: Visit the giggle junction store. If you purchase let them
know you are a reader of nicholes own space blog and in the
 message put my child's name is __________ then they will emboss
your childs name of your spy bag for free ($5.00 value)

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Ends October 19, 2011



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