Thursday, September 9, 2010

My dollar store inspired decor


   I have decorated my entire kitchen with either cheap or free (hand me downs from mom) stuff! There really is no theme for my decor, I call it eclectic. It does have kind of a country feel, at least to me It does. I tend to fall towards the country look  because that is where I really want to be, lol. I want a big Contry house with acres and acres of land. I even want chickens so I can fetch my own eggs. Hey, you can never find a coupon for eggs, and everyone knows I dont like buying anything without a coupon.


$1.00 at a garage sale

$1.00 at the dollar store

$1.00 each at the dollar store

$1.00 at a garage Sale

Partylite vase- Free from mom (Apples $5  at walmart)

My counter as it is now. Nothing special, but I think it looks cute. I think It is about to get a fall makeover.  I was never one to decorate seasonally, but I am just feeling it this year.

What do you think I should do to the counter for fall?
                             My diy finds and redos

I found this goldish metallic star at the goowill for .99. Couldnt decide what to do with it at first, but after painting it black, I decided to hang it near my computer and use it for pens, and important papers. Cost: $1.50

My next find was from a garsge sale. My mom actually bought this for me for $1.00.
I didnt care for it at all, It had a dark wood top before I sanded it. I thought it looked like
something someone would put their cotton balls, It was to say the least, ugly. So, I sanded it down, banged the lid up a bit, and put a knob on it that I already owned. Total cost to me: Free!  Except the bag of oreos I filled it back up with that cost me .50.

This is my favorite, I love the way it turned out. Jeff and I have actually come uo
with the idea of selling my projects and craft shows. This one though, I am going to keep.
Cost: $1.99 for frame
.99 for paint
About .50 for the cardboard
.97 for the paint
$3.00 for the nails
$1.00 for the decals

       This is the partylite vase my mom gave me. I got some stuff from the dollar store and just exchanged them for this suff from the dollar store. 
                                          Cost:  $1 for the moss
                                                     $1 each for the cattales, flowers $3.00
                                                     $1.00 for the leaves

Sunday, September 5, 2010

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