Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Candy at Rite aid


   I went to rite aid today and scored big! I got tons of free bags of candy, and so can you!   Heres how: There are certain bags of candy on sale  for $2/5. When you buy these candy bags, you will recieve a coupon on your reciept for $1 off your next purchase. And there is a mystery coupon printing of for $2 when you buy specific bags of candy (listed below). So, you pay $5 for these bags, but you get $5 worth of coupons for next time. So you can turn around and buy more candy with these coupons, and you will recieve more coupons for next time!! It may end today so hurry!!!

Heres a list of what candy bags are wprking:

14 oz Sour Patch

14 oz Starburst (one bag is tropical flavor)

14 oz Swedish Fish

10 oz. Werther’s Original hard candy

10.125 oz Tootsie Roll Pop

10 oz Mini Cow Tales

10 oz Jolly Rancher Pops

Skittles, 14 oz

Caramel Cremes, 12 oz

10 oz. Werther’s Original hard candy

Dum Dum Pops, 11.4 oz

Lifesaver Mints Wint O Green, 13 oz

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